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9/18/2011 Wedding at the Birkby house in Leesburg VA

Celebration Entertainment had the pleasure of celebrating with Kamil and Meghan at this wonderful location the Thomas Birkby House in Leesburg VA. If you have never been to or seen this beautiful location it is one you will want to check out. From the wonderful garden area to the beautifully redone house and lavish Reception area this place is a perfect choice for mast couples to celebrate there big day.

Kamil and Meghan are such a great couple, and the families could not be any better. We started off the reception with the Bride and Groom eating some salty bread and Meghan doing doing a shot of Vodka, while Kamil opted for a shot of water (I guess we know who wheres the pants now) This was all part of the Polish Tradition.But as you can imagine when the Bride is doing Vodka shots right off the bat, this had to be a great party for everyone to attend. Best wish’s to the both of you and, Kamil I know you’re the man of the house, but even in a dress Meghan where’s the pants. LOL!

Neal Fann
Celebration Entertainment

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