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Wedding Disc Jockey (DJ) – Holiday Inn Martinsburg WV “Review”

I figured I would start to review some of my favorite Wedding Vendors in and around the Martinsburg WV area, and let everyone know why I think they are so great! So you may ask what makes them so great, and why I fill that I am qualified to review such vendors? Well we will start with the latter part of the question first. I have currently been a DJ for over 18 years and have worked with these vendors on numerous occasions. Over the duration of my time as a Entertainer I have not only done local events but have traveled all over the 4 state area, and have seen many wonderful vendors and some that are just not so good.

When it comes to the Holiday Inn located just off 81 in Martinsburg WV I have to say that this is by far 1 of the top few places to visit. I play many shows here through out the year and every time Sandi, Matt and their staff is always eager to make sure every thing is perfect! I typically arrive about 2 hours before an event, and as soon as you walk in the door you can witness the attention to detail. Be it the staff walking by a table and ensuring that every thing is on the table and lined up properly, or the fact that they are steaming all of the table skirting to remove any wrinkles from being folded. Although there is one thing I have never witnessed here, and that one thing is pretty big I can honestly say I have never once noticed a stain on the table dressings or the floor. That may sound kind of obvious but as long as I have been doing this you would be surprised at what I have seen from venues before.

The Staff at the Holiday inn has such a great chemistry! They are always very polite and efficient in all that they do. Most of the staff has been there for quite some time and it shows, from the flow of the event and how easy the make it work. It doesn’t matter if it is a full blown wall to wall wedding reception with a served dinner, or a small party with a buffet these guys and gals just make it look so easy, and everyone is truly taken care of.

Martinsburg WV Dj, Celebration Entertainment

In closing if you are looking for a great place to have a party of any kind the Holiday Inn is one to truly look at!

Here is the contact information for the Holiday Inn


Please let Sandi know how you liked our review!

All the thoughts and claims are from past experiences, and where not solicited by the Holiday Inn!

For more thoughts please feel free to contact me,

Neal Fann


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