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DJs are not created equally!

Most people view DJs as someone that makes a few announcements and plays music.  This creates the belief that all DJs are created from the same mold or fabric.  With this mind-set people believe this is an area that they can save money by shopping around for the best price.  Countless times people call and ask “how much do you charge?”  Not concerned with if the DJ has experience or what they actually offer but just price shopping for the best deal.


Here is a question to ask yourself the next time you are looking for a DJ.  How was the last reception, party or special occasion I attended?  One of two primary answers follow, either “It was great we had a really good time!” or “It was horrible!”  Now let’s break this down, how many times have you ever heard anyone mention that the food was horrible or the décor was the worst?  A large portion of the success to your event is in the hands of your entertainment, the DJ will execute the order of pre-planned events that you would like leaving the outcome of your reception, party or special occasion in the DJs hands to either be successful or not.  It has been proven time and time again that the entertainment you select for your reception or special occasion is responsible for 80% of the memories you will have for the rest of your life about that special occasion.


Here are some common comments you may have heard:


  • The DJ showed up late or didn’t show up at all.


  • They didn’t play what I asked them to play.


  • The DJ played music I specifically asked them not to play.


  • The DJ that showed up we never met or even knew their name until they introduced themselves.


  • Their equipment sounded horrible, we could not understand the DJ and people could not hear in the back of the room.



We could go on unfortunately, but I’ll save you the time.


Brides and Grooms will spend thousands of dollars on the location of their reception, food, beverages and décor but will cut corners on their entertainment.  This is a recipe for destruction.  No one will instantly recall if the beef or chicken was over cooked or if you had a balloon or floral archway but they will remember if they had a great time and enjoyed themselves dancing the night away.


Let’s go back to how one categorizes a DJ.  We will take the standpoint of the difference between the Professional DJ and the DJ that has little to no experience.


  1. Professional DJ’s use professional equipment and not home stereo equipment.


  1. A Professional DJ will meet with you in advance and listen to your ideas and help plan your reception or special occasion.


  1. Professional DJ’s will not try to be the focal point of the party.  The Bride and Groom or the guest of honor should never share the spotlight!


  1. Professional DJ’s play the music that you would like and not what they want to hear.


  1. Professional DJ’s will be setup on time with time allotted in for reasonable early arrives or any delays that may occur.


  1. Professional DJ’s WILL NOT subcontract your event without first having it approved by you.


  1. Professional DJ’s will have many references of business professionals.


  1. Professional DJ’s always use contracts for your and their protection.


  1. Professional DJ’s have liability insurance if a mishap should happen.


10.  Professional DJ’s will not invite potential clients to your event to view their performance.  A DJ can not give you and your guest 100% of their attention if they are trying to sell to other uninvited guests.


These are just a few items and by no means is the written word that a DJ must meet all of these requirements.  However, they are a few major points to take into consideration when making a decision on your entertainment company.


Back to price – Does this mean the higher the price of the DJ the more Professional they are?  Simply put – No.  But consider this if you go down the list of DJ’s in your area and the average price is $800 why would some DJ’s quote or undercut the average price $200 dollars or more, why are they willing to charge so much less?  DJs are not all created from the same mold or fabric and using this information could help prevent your dream reception or party from becoming a nightmare…

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