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This is your Life Montage

We put your life in motion! A photo montage is a collection of your pictures, from birth through current times.

How it works

We take your family photos and convert them to a digital image. We set them to music and ad digital transitions and effects to make a simply wonderful presentation. Then during your event we will project them on to a large projection screen for everyone one to enjoy.

What a great way show off to all of your friends and family what a great journey you have had through life so far.


” Up to 75 pictures (more may require additional charge)

” 2-3 songs to use as background music for you Dvd’s

” Pictures are due in my office 2 months prior to the event

You will receive 3 copies of the Dvd at the end of the evening complete with custom label for you to enjoy anytime.

Enter the date of your event below, and find out
immediately if your date is available.


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